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Irrigation Systems


A home irrigation system is an excellent way to save time and money while reducing the amount of water waste. Not to mention, it’s convenient in that it takes care of watering so you don’t have to spend hours each week hand-watering your lawn. No more achy back and sunburn from standing out in the sun during a heatwave, and no more anxiety about whether or not your lawn received the proper amount of water.

Owning a home irrigation system will help you:

  • Effortlessly maintain a healthy lawn
  • Ensure you don’t under- or over-water your grass
  • Conserve water—meaning lower water bills
Three zones of sprinklers running on a commercial property in Kanata, Ontario.


After you’ve invested the time and resources into a residential irrigation system it’s important to keep it properly maintained. Our team of experienced technicians can help ensure that your system is working its best all season long.


Our team will get your residential irrigation system up and running properly after it’s been dormant all winter, while evaluating performance and troubleshooting potential issues. Our experts will also perform an annual tune-up, checking each sprinkler head, overall water pressure, batteries, and the zones from the controller.


Each one of our experts is backflow certified, meaning they’re trained in preventing and controlling backflow situations. Backflow happens when a potable water system and a contaminating source are accidentally cross-connected. Some companies are certified or have experience in backflow assembly, but every one of our team members is certified, putting your worries at ease.


Partway through the summer, we’ll come back and perform another tune-up to ensure your system is still working properly.


When the watering season ends, we’ll prepare your system for the arrival of freezing temperatures. That consists of turning off the main water line in order to blow out the backflow and irrigation lines to prevent winter damage.